The Muscle mechanics Origin Story...

Kim Shamtally is the inventor and mastermind behind Muscle Mechanics. She has spent over 15 years working as a massage therapist for sports people, office workers, and other super humans who have been stretching their bodies and minds to their physical limits.

She has always felt deeply aware that her work is not just in helping relieve muscular ache and injury, but also helping lift spirits and support creeping mental health effects that can come with struggling through muscular recovery.

The Revive Me Kit helped Kim while training for the London Marathon and Reading Marathon

Kim and her clients felt the impact of the pandemic keenly.

No longer able to physically work on their muscles or have normal therapeutic conversations with them, she felt a responsibility to find a way of helping them now more than ever.

Inspired by her own little superhero

Inspiration for the branding theme of Muscle Mechanics comes from the heroic story of her son, Jenson.

Jenson was still new to the world – only 2 years old – when he met his nemesis: a brain tumour that required major surgery to remove.

During that surgery, disaster struck! A brain injury developed into posterior fossa syndrome. He lost all mobility. He could not speak, eat, walk,  sit up, or move his head. To most, this would be the kind of devastating blow that would end a hero’s journey.

But not Jenson.

Jenson kept fighting – he would not be beaten. For 2 years he pushed and fought to regain his physical skills.

However, his nemesis then clawed its way back into existence – the tumour had returned!

Jenson refused to let it win. He went on weekly chemotherapy and continues to this day to be as fiercely independent as he can be.

His chemotherapy finished in July 2020 during the lockdown. He still requires 24-hour care but he is now walking with a walker and we’re encouraging him to walk independently. Whenever he falters, his brother and sister, and, of course, his mother Kim, are there to help him get up to fight another day.

Throughout the process of his recovery, the Muscle Mechanics products have been incredibly helpful to keep him (and his mum!) calm.

Kim hopes that Jenson’s courageous and resilient energy serves as an example of how you can rise up from the worst of circumstances. She hopes that the Muscle Mechanics products can help others in their own fight with pain – whether it’s big or small, mental or physical.

Kim Shamtally's credentials:

☑️  Member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists

☑️  Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies

☑️  FdSc Complementary Therapies at Surrey University VTCT Complementary Therapies Diploma

☑️  HND Product Design at Bournemouth University

☑️  Studied Myofascial Release UK with Ruth Duncan

☑️  Studied Aroma-Psychology at The Royal Marsden whilst working with oncology patients at The Royal Surrey County Hospital

☑️  Worked at The Fountain Centre working with oncology patients living with cancer.

As a licensed aromatherapist, Kim had already been providing customised pain relief balms and soothing essential oil blends to her clients for years to help ease muscle aches between massage sessions.

It was only natural that she worked to make these more widely available while we have to remain physically distanced.

Kim’s education and experience has meant that Muscle Mechanics has been produced with stringent testing and modelling to optimise the best combinations.

Her work with cancer patients especially deepened her affirmation that emotional and physical health are fully intertwined and must be treated simultaneously.

She developed the inhalers specifically to offer a sense of comfort to patients going through particularly difficult times. When just about to go into surgery or about to fly or drive to work, the therapeutic qualities of aromatherapy have been proven to make these overwhelming situations easier to manage.

Kim is so proud to release the Muscle Mechanics squad of pain relief balms and mood uplifting inhalers out into the world to do good and save people from their muscular tension and mental anguish.

Even when she can’t fight off muscle pain and diminishing mood with her own hands, she hopes these pain relief balms can be a powerful sidekick she can send out to save the day.

Stay Tuned

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