Our wide range pain relief balms and mood-enhancing inhalers are here to save your day.
Muscle mechanic is your everyday pain relief partner that uplift your hard days fighting pain away.

Try Our Amazing Pain Relief Products To Say Goodbye To Your Pain

All products are formulated to relieve discomfort, stiffness and pain at its core. By trying our muscle balm you can take down your muscle pain in minutes.

Give a test to the Mini Tester Kit. We’re sure you’ll be back for more once you’ve experienced the soothing power of Muscle Mechanics for yourself.

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Powered by Nature, Not Radioactive Chemicals

There was no nuclear waste or powerful insects involved in formulating Muscle Mechanics. They are a perfect blend of just the right essential oils and natural extracts to magically melt away muscle pain and mental anguish.

In fact, Muscle Mechanics pain relief balms and other products:

  • Have never been tested on animals
  • Comes in a recyclable tin
  • Is made with all natural products

Whether you’ve pushed yourself too hard on the football pitch, at the office desk, or out fighting crime, these sore muscle balms can become your natural go-to for quick and easy pain relief.

Image of Kim, founder of Muscle Mechanics and creator of these muscle balms, running a marathon

The Muscle Mechanics Origin Story

The Muscle Mechanics pain relief balms and inhalers are the creations of sports massage therapist and registered aromatherapist, Kim Shamtally.

She has spent 15 years helping men and women across the country recover from sports injury using natural methods that don’t involve chemicals with their nasty side effects.

Take a peek behind the curtain to see how Kim brewed up such a potent pain relief concoction – and to hear about how a brave 2-year-old was the inspiration behind the superhero branding.

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